Service & Support

Instrumentation Services Provided

  1. Instrument network design for many field buses such as Devicenet, Profibus, Asi bus, and Foundation Fieldbus.
  2. Instrument, control valve, variable speed drive specification with application engineering assistance.
  3. NIST traceable process and analytical transmitter on-site calibration services.
  4. Fully documented calibrations.
  5. Site instrumentation audits.
  6. Upgrade and replacement of older instrumentation and controls.
  7. New equipment installation.
  8. 24 Hour Emergency services

Control Services Provided

  1. Process controller loop tuning for standard PID and advanced algorithms.
  2. Process control strategy development for discrete, continuous, and batch processes.
  3. Process control troubleshooting fromsensor through control system hardware and software to final control element.
  4. Control system integration and programming for discrete, continuous, and batch applications.
  5. Control system studies to identify specific control system architecture requirements for plant sites.
  6. Control panel design and fabrication.
  7. Control system start-up and commissioning.