Application Listing

Continuous and Point Level instrumentation for Industrial and lite Industrial applications. Technologies include: Ultrasonic Radar RF Buoyancy Magnetostrictive Vibrating Rod Thermal Dispersion...

Industrial Flow Meters, switches, transmitters and controllers. Technologies Include: Magnetic Variable Area Vortex Swirl Coriolis Differential Pressure Flow Meters Wedge Flow Meters Positive...

Industrial Temperature Indicators, sensors, switches and transmitters. Technologies include: RTD’s Thermocouples Thermowells Transmitters

Industrial Pressure Indicators, sensors, regulators, I/P transducer, switches and transmitters for gauge; absolute, vacuum and differential pressure applications.

Liquid Analyzers for the Industrial process and wastewater applications. Measurements include: pH Dissolved Oxygen Conductivity Turbidity Dissolved CO2 Sodium Silica Phosphate Nitrate Iron...

Continuous Process and Combustion Gas analyzers. Toxic, Combustible and Flame detectors, sensors, Transmitter, controllers and systems. Technologies include: Electrochemical Catalytic Bead IR and...

Digital and Paper Circular/Strip-chart Recorders; Loop Controllers; Data Loggers; Panel Meters; Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs); and Compact and Large DCS Systems.

Electric Heating Cables; Electrically Heated Instrument Tubing; Custom Analyzer and CEMS Bundles; Skin Effect Systems; Tank Heating Systems and Controls/Monitoring.

Control Valves; Pressure and Temperature Regulators; Positioners, Actuators, I/P’s and Damper Drives; Regulators, and Filters.

Load Cells and Scales: Counting, Bench, Floor & High Precision; Web Tension Load Cells; Electronics and Controllers.

Component Drives, Machinery Drives, General Purpose Drives, High Performance AC Drives. Voltage from 120 V to 690 V. Sizes from 0.25 HP to 3,000 HP.

Process Wiring, Distributed I/O, Interface & Intrinsic Safety Modules.

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Neponset Controls, Inc. is a New England based manufacturers┬┤ representative and stocking distributor of instrumentation and controls, with offices in Foxboro, MA. We have been servicing the New England process industries and municipal markets since 1984. Our sales, service team is highly trained and motivated to provide the most cost effective solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with both customers and principals. "We don't just sell products, we offer solutions!"